Police Vehicle Stop and Search Protocol in Ghana

Did you know that in Ghana, the police have the authority to search vehicles at checkpoints as part of their duties to maintain public safety and enforce the law? There are specific protocols that must be followed during these searches, as outlined by the Ghana Police Service (GPS) and the laws of the country, including the Criminal and Other Offences Act, 1960 (Act 29) and the Constitution of the Republic of Ghana, 1992 (Article 14).

What is a cultural bridge consultant?

You have all heard of business consultants, right? They are the ones you engage with to assess the weaknesses in your company, and use their experience and expertise in marketing, HR, management and finance to make improvements and hopefully create more success. But have you heard of a cultural consultant? ...

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How do investors enter Africa?

Whether you represent a large company looking to expand in to Africa, or you are tasked with building a start-up in the continent, how do you go about setting the foundations for success? There is no doubt that the African continent offers very lucrative opportunities for investors. If you have ...

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Why not rely on local support?

A question we get asked occasionally is why should we use your service, as opposed to someone that was born and raised in the area in question. It is a fair question, and of course, local knowledge from those that have been brought up in the specific community should not ...

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